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Un forum tematic Naruto dedicat experienţei unice de a deveni un ninja!
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Citat :
Its enormous wings of liberty spread wide open, and once again put fear in the enemy's army. Their fiery talons burned their courage to a crisp and left behind, in the wings' shadow, nothing but fear; fear of a revolution.


Citat :
The mists of solitude reach for my soul, desperation is not far away and I feel like I'm falling from the tallest building there is, waiting for my soul to grow back its wings so it can fly again. My feathers are almost gone, my eyesight is blinded. I don't know how much 'till I hit the ground; these mists lock me away


Citat :
Humans are a lonely species. True, we gather in tribes, colonies, villages, empires, all because of a similar vision, but deep inside, we are all greedy. Be it for us, for another, or even for our whole groups. Emotions are bonds we make with our surroundings, bonds which makes us feel alive, not the flesh cocoons we are. "What is the meaning of life" I was asked a few days back. I didn't know what exactly to respond, each of us has his own vision over this. "we live to love", "we live to make a better future", "we live to survive", "we live to carry our family's name forward". Is a meaning necessary? Does life even need a meaning? I live to make others happy, that is my purpose, because I want too, to feel happy. Life is not something you need a reason for, life is the very opportunity to give it a meaning.

Life is life.
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Pasaje din jurnal [ENG]
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